Ardian Deari

Professor of English Language & e-Learning Mobile App Developer
Boasting over 16 years of extensive teaching experience at both elementary and high school levels, Ardian emerges as a distinguished educator and innovative researcher. He is the pioneering force behind 'English For Life,' the preeminent language school in North Macedonia. Ardian's passion for English grammar, coupled with his adeptness in technology, propels his research, especially in the realm of using technology to enhance English grammar instruction, with a special emphasis on Computational Linguistics. Additionally, Ardian has made significant strides as an e-learning mobile app developer, collaborating with numerous international companies. His professional journey includes notable positions as a Professor of English at Municipal High School "Ismet Jashari" and "EnglishForLife LLC" in Kumanovo, North Macedonia, further illustrating his commitment to advancing education through innovative methods and technology.

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