Arijeta Ibishi Deari

Professor of German Language
At the age of 18, after high school graduation, Arijeta applied to State University of Tetovo to study German Language and Literature. In 2012, during the first year of her studies, she discovered the Exchange program Mevlana, which allowed her to study for one year in the province Edirne of Turkey. This was an excellent opportunity for her to gain professional experience in her life. After one year of successfully completing her exams in Turkey, she returned and started to work in the Call-Center 'Elite' in her city Kumanovo. She became very fast the title Manager and also led the employee training. After a few months, in October 2014, she started to work at the private school of languages 'English for Life' as a german teacher. Arijeta was only in her third year of studies, but the students trusted her and the number of the interested to learn german rose fast. In January 2015, she decided to terminate her job as a manager and focus on entirely in German teaching. In the year 2016 she graduated with the average grade of 10.0.

After her graduation from State University in Tetova, Arijeta expanded her work in the private language school. Since her graduation, she has continued her education by attending different live and online seminars about German Language Teaching. For example, she completed the online training at foobiz.com in digital learning lab 'Digitale Bausteine für den Unterricht '. In 2019, Arijeta enrolled in a Master’s of German Language Teaching program in Tetovo, North Macedonia, at the South-East European University. She has more than seven years of teaching experience, which significantly contributes to her success as a student and researcher. She did her research regarding the common mistakes in using prepositions that Albanian native German learners make at the South-East European University in 2021.

She now works as a German Teacher at the elemntary school "Faik Konica" in Sllupcan.

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